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“The Republican brain drain” ?? I might suggest Richard Cohen look in the mirror.

September 29, 2012


I’ll admit that I have  paid little attention to the liberal media in recent years, but for various reasons I’ve recently become more engaged.  Frankly, it’s a lot worse then I had thought it would be and the truth is that even in my wildest nightmares I could not have imagined the level of hatred and misinformation the “main stream” media serves up daily under the disingenuous label of “all the news that’s fit to print“.

It’s true that Mr. Cohen’s column is clearly labeled as his opinion, but what an uninformed and unsupportable opinion it is!  As is the case with virtually every liberal article I view the obvious, but presumably unintended,  irony is impossible to ignore.

The Republican brain drain“?  What more need I say?

The fact that any liberal would have the cojones to discuss anything related to brains, the mind, or critical thinking skills goes a long way in proving the validity of the oft quoted phrase by Alexander Pope which claims that “fools rush in where angels fear to tread“.  In the case of this particular opinion piece, how long has Mr. Cohen been asleep at the switch?  The man is obviously literate and yet he seems completely unaware of  studies, such as this one, which prove that the opinions of persons such as Richard Cohen are those of the far left.

The various positions referenced in his opinion piece in the Washington Post, Sept. 24, 2012, and dismissed as those of the far right are, truth be told, more appropriately labeled as center and moderate.  In his book Left Turn, professor Tim Groseclose makes a very strong case in support of his thesis that even those outlets which pass as “conservative” media in today’s world should more appropriately be considered left of center.

Although, as previously mentioned, the referenced column by Richard Cohen is clearly one man’s opinion, I’m still a bit taken aback by its lack of substance and quality.  It is truly a sad state of affairs when previously reputable news media outlets, such as the Washington Post, apparently no longer require even some small measure of intellectual integrity from those to whom they provide such a prestigious forum.  I really don’t mean to be insulting, but it is no wonder these partisan rags continue to lose readership.

I apologize for not specifically addressing and rebutting the more particular contents of Mr. Cohen’s rant, but for me to do so would inevitably be misinterpreted as a suggestion that the contents conveyed something of substance and thus deserved the attention.

For fellow conservatives I might suggest that you spend a bit more time reviewing the type of propaganda being injected daily into the somewhat malleable minds of those already predisposed to support the feel good policies of the left.


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