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Biden’s Debate Victory On Thursday Night……

October 12, 2012

I think we can all agree that Joe Biden’s effort beat Mr. Obama’s recent performance hands down. Look for liberal’s to use this fact to suggest that Mr. Biden either won or played Mr. Ryan to a draw.  The only reason for either assessment is due, in my view, to the exceedingly low expectations on the part of virtually everyone and the desperate need on the part of the left for a credible performance.

So, sure, Mr. Biden did show up fully clothed and he didn’t pick his nose or drool all over himself, but do you really see the man as the next President of the United States should God (and I use the term loosely) forbid, something happen to President Obama?  Yes, supporters of each will claim victory, and some will call it a draw, but did Mr. Biden really stop the bleeding or sway any new independent votes his way?

I wasn’t that impressed with Mr. Biden’s performance, nor do I see many independents walking away with a good impression.  He certainly spoke with conviction, even when lying through his teeth, which I would suggest might make things even worse for the Obama/Biden ticket as most independents I know are becoming increasingly weary of malarky.  If someone can look that sincere, assuming he did, when speaking to an audience that know for a fact he is “bending the truth (think Libya), can anyone really believe anything else that comes out of his mouth.

My view is that many liberal, and even some conservative, pundits will be happy with Joe Biden’s performance, but that does not take into account the fact that what Mr. Biden really did was show that he and Mr. Obama are nothing more than old-school Democratic politicians.

His behavior made it patently obvious that he was attempting to project a persona which had been drilled into him during his days of debate prep.  Smile, Joe.  Stay in charge, Mr. Vice President.  Attack, but not too much.  And, for God’s sake, don’t say anything stupid.

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