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Voting Romney, Not Against Obama

October 14, 2012

There are certainly plenty of reasons to vote the “anybody but Obama” ticket, but I would suggest that there are also reasons to vote for President Romney.  One of the major obstacles, in my view, facing Mr. Romney is the “Revenge of the Nerds” mentality which underlies the almost visceral impulse to puncture his armor by sending him down to defeat in the upcoming election.  His image and history are such that he reminds many voters of the golden frat boy, or prom king, who back in the day seemed to enjoy all of life’s benefits without too much effort.

This leads one to think that he might have a hard time relating to the more mundane among us and perhaps even set standards which are impossible to reach.  Ironically, the fear that he might be too good may be a factor in why some might not support him.  This suggests that he must instill a confidence in the electorate that he is a leader of men, capable of bringing out the best in others, rather then an individual capable of ensuring his own success.  There is a difference between being the best man on a team and being a coach who provides a game plan which brings out the best in each individual member.

After reviewing his life story I do think he is such a man which is why I am voting FOR Romney, not just against Obama.  Obviously it is impossible to know anything for sure, but he seems to be a man of the highest integrity.  A man who loves his country and the principles which made it great.  A man who has standards, but also that human beings are not perfect.  A man who will stand up for America and American Values without apology and yet welcome those who espouse those same values regardless of minority status.

The more I look at the man, the more excited I become and I truly believe he might be the heir to the Reagan legacy.

Vote Romney/Ryan and give them the chance.  The opportunity to do great things is upon them, let’s hope they are who they seem.

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