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Did Rush Read My Column?-What Happened At The Second Presidential Debate

October 17, 2012

It seems the narrative has changed a bit from what it was in the hours immediately following the Presidential Debate last night.  Although I am not seriously suggesting that Rush Limbaugh read my column, I did find it interesting on how many points we happened to agree.  In a previous offering, written prior to the debate and updated shortly after it ended, I made many of the same points which at the time I made them seemed not to agree with the more general view of the more experienced pundits.

This is to say that the points purportedly scored  by each candidate in these debates should not be viewed as separate and apart from the real world events the answers are designed to address.  Unlike in the case of a trial, where the jury is forbidden from considering relevant evidence on the grounds that it has not been formally introduced and labeled as Exhibit A, those who watch these debates have a previous reservoir of knowledge, or can do further research,  in order to determine the validity of the answers.  A “score” in the debate which is won on the basis of presenting a false narrative becomes a Pyrrhic victory when viewed from a wider perspective.  It is in this context that the President continues to be at a severe disadvantage as he attempts to defend the abysmal record of his last four years.

The fact of the matter is that the two sides have reason to score the results of these debates differently.  Although there is no doubt that style is important to both camps, it would seem that a need to obfuscate the issues and depend only on points won on style remain the province of the Democrats.  As I have suggested previously, this President seems to think he is running against the incumbent, while failing to realize it’s him.

Although the initial polls showed a “draw”, some later information suggest a much more devastating outcome for those who support the President.

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