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Mitt Romney Fixes Things–What The Polls Say

October 18, 2012

It’s really no wonder that Mr. Romney continues to gain momentum as we get closer and closer to election day.  According to a new CBS News poll (via, 2012/10/18) Mr. Romney enjoys a significant advantage over Mr. Obama on what is arguably the number one issue of the election.  It seems that sixty five percent of those polled, versus thirty five percent for Mr. Obama, agreed that Mr. Romney was the better choice when considering the challenges facing the economy.  One need hardly point out that this is huge, and a complete repudiation of the Obama Presidency.  This should come as no surprise when one contrasts what the Obama policies have wrought over the last four years with the fact that Mr. Romney’s entire career has been built on attempting to turn around bad situations.  And, make no mistake, the present state of the American economy is a “bad situation”.

The only real question is why this thirty point advantage on economic issues has not translated into a similar advantage overall.  It is becoming a bit tiresome to have to point out the obvious liberal bias of the media, but when the shoe fits…..  This bias was even evident on the CBS News website when I visited it in an attempt to verify the information provided by the referenced article.  According to the headlines which first appeared at the time of my visit, Obama still enjoyed the lead in almost every category.  The reason for this complete misrepresentation of the present state of affairs is that the polls which were featured were not the most recent and reflected information which, in some cases, was gathered and reported prior to even the first Presidential debate.

It is obvious to all those but the most partisan of sources that the trend line  is now completely in Mr. Romney’s favor.  Some have attempted to float the idea that an Obama lose might spark off some racially motivated disturbances.  Perhaps those same individuals should consider the fact that supporters of Mr. Romney are in no mood to see their candidate lose due to excessive voting by ineligible “voters” of whatever type, be they alive or dead.  This election cycle conservatives will not sit quietly by in the face of an attempt by those on the left to once again steal an election.

The evidence is clear that Mr. Romney is a pragmatic and energetic fixer and he has set his eye on fixing what ails the American Economy.  Whether it be illegal immigration, voter fraud, or the economy, polls continue to show that there is a great disconnect between the American electorate and its leadership.  On November 6, 2012 the electorate will once again go to the polls in an effort to eliminate that disconnect and elect a man who can be trusted.  After the last four years, I would suggest that Mr. Romney may just be the man for the job.



This one from July, 2012

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