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Was The Benghazi Attack On 9/11/12 Really A Botched Kidnapping Rather Then A Pre-Planned Assassination Attempt?

October 19, 2012

An interesting case is being made here that Ambassador Steven’s death was not the original objective of last month’s attack on the American compound in Benghazi.  We already know that the Obama Administration used the now infamous internet video “Innocence of Muslims” to obfuscate the truth about what happened on that fateful day. but the question remains as to what motivated  their reaction.  An interesting time line, with additional commentary by , can be found here and although he doesn’t provide a definitive answer to that particular question he does provide some interesting insights on the inner workings of the Obama White House.  Candy Crowley’s discredited defense of the President aside, the effort to misdirect the attention of the American People might, as of yet, still be viewed as being successful.

If we accept the idea that this was a kidnapping attempt gone horribly wrong, and again I refer you to this article, the subsequent reaction does seem to make a lot more sense.  According to  , and I quote from the article:

What they intended was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and ransom him back to the U.S. in exchange for  the Blind Shiek – Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who is being held in Gitmo.

My question is whether he goes far enough in terms of the parties he references in his use of the  pronoun “they”.  I would be very interested in finding out who it was that made the conscious decision to ensure that Ambassador Stevens was left so unprotected as to make it appear to this observer that he was virtually a gift to those who wished to use him as the aforementioned bargaining chip.

Well, well, in attempting to find a source for my vague recollection that the American Seals were not supposed to be in Benghazi I find that I am not alone, nor the first, to reach the above conclusions.  On the one hand I admit to being a bit disappointed, but on the other hand it validates my analysis.  Go here for a more intensive treatment of what I suggest in this article.

This brings me to a related story concerning Osama bin Laden which I present as nothing more than food for thought.

In the mid 2000’s rumors were rampant that Obl was somewhere in Pakistan.  According to a reliable source who told me at during that period, now ex-President Musharraf was in no mood to give Osama up as he saw the potential for serious negative consequences.  This belief did turn out to be true as evidenced by the number of attacks which occurred in the aftermath of ObL’s death. A reasonable question to ask thus  might address whether Bush was aware of ObL’s whereabouts but chose not to take action due to other considerations.  Pakistan continues to be a nation of interest to both Iran and Saudi Arabia and one wonders which one benefited the most from ObL’s absence.  Certainly he was no great friend of the royal family, but according to this article in the Huffington Post, Al-Qaeda’s relationship with Iran was not much better.

I don’t wish to lesson the impact of the first story due to the less well documented theme of the second, but I would suggest that the Obama Administration’s policy initiatives pertaining to the “Islamic World” certainly deserve further scrutiny.  The “Arab Spring” has been of no great benefit to American national interests.  The Administration’s response to the events in Libya were certainly a contributing factor in propagating the story of the video, and thus must be held accountable for the Muslim reaction.  The President continues to distance himself from what had been a bi-partisan Israeli /American relationship.  These factors, to name just a few, lead to some troubling questions with perhaps even more troubling answers.

Thank you.

  1. Reading & digesting, didn’t we talk about this earlier?

  2. Whether kidnapping attempt or attack…
    Just like the questioner in the recent 2nd debate (the townhall one) that asked [paraphrasing] “Who made the decision to cut the funding for security at the Benghazi compound, and why?”…I’m interested in knowing those answers. The President certainly didn’t even begin to answer the question — he pivoted away from it with the first syllable out of his mouth. Have you written about this, or looked into it?
    – Jeff

    • I’m just getting started….:)
      Seriously, I’m hoping we learn more as a result of the Congressional Hearings on the subject, not to mention the real contributions being made by various media types and individual bloggers attempting to make sense of what happened.

      The unfortunate truth is that this should not be viewed in isolation and just is one event which highlights the complete failure of the “Obama Doctrine”.

      It’s important for conservatives to stand together on this, and many other issues, and thus I appreciate your comment and look forward to sharing our thoughts and information in the future.

      In other words, I’m just as interested in finding the answers as you are and will share the information whenever it becomes available.

  3. Hi, Chloe is my alias (you know as CL)…

    Enjoyed your thoughts. I had seeded an article a while back about the Gitmo angle, but I didn’t see any other reports at the time, other than that Fox report, so I just left it as ‘theory.’ However, it does seem very feasible. Although, a ‘revenge’ attack for our killing a Libyan al Qaeda affiliated Leader still makes sense. I’m currently looking for a potential CIA connection, as well. Good luck to you, thinking of you and wishing you well.

    • Thanks.

      Sure, the revenge attack angle makes sense, except for questions related to why security was so poor, why they didn’t just kill him in the first place, and why the President seemed to feel the need to cover it up…

    • Also, interesting where I went by clicking on your screen name..

      • That ‘was’ interesting where it went. I filled in their request form that asked for a website (I thought it was required info). I didn’t think they would ‘use’ the information, so that was surprising. I see now that “required” isn’t listed on the ‘website’ line. I wonder if you or I can remove that?

        On security, I thought Hillary’s (suspicious) original explanation, to the effect, that they were using greater forces in another region and felt less need in this location – so they decided to contract security, seemed specious, although, typical Democratic thinking in everything they do. :). … spread the wealth around, to the point that you don’t have enough, and then you have to spend more just to get the basics – leaving ourselves open and vulnerable, and experiencing less quality.

        As you commented to the previous commenter — “I’m just as interested in finding the answers
        as you are.” Hope you don’t mind my occasional interjections on topics of interest.

      • Absolutely not. I appreciate your interest and participation. As you can see, this time around, I am attempting to be a bit more responsive to those who honor me with a response.

        There are so many things wrong with the Benghazi narrative that one hardly knows where to start. I was a bit surprised that it wasn’t much of an issue in tonight’s debate, but I suggested a couple of possible reasons in my analysis of the debate.

        Thanks again.

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