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Mitt Romney’s Binders Full Of Women…Video and Commentary

October 20, 2012

Apparently the fact that the President lied about the circumstances surrounding the recent Benghazi Incident which resulted in  at least four Americans being brought home in body bags just doesn’t provide the same adrenaline rush as playing “gotcha politics” over Mitt Romney’s recent statement referring to “binders of women”.  You’ll find the relevant video above and, frankly, when i watched the debate in real time, and prior to the controversy, the specific words he used went completely unnoticed.

The reason is pretty obvious, which is why any person with a modicum of intelligence has to be laughing at those who are attempting to make it an issue.  I’m sure that Mr. Romney is still shaking his head over the fact that this country of ours has sunk so low that certain people can take a perfectly reasonable statement and interpret it in so ridiculous a fashion.  The man obviously thought he had a winner, just like his statement on Libya, but apparently he missed the memo as to how truly demented those on the left have become.  How ironic that the actual substantive behavior to which he was referring reflected exactly the type of “affirmative action” that those on the left claim to support.  In fact, I would suggest that it is exactly for that reason that Obama’s campaign strategists were so desperate to change the narrative and went to such ridiculous lengths to obfuscate the issue.

The fact of the matter is that Governor Romney reached out to women and walked the walk rather than just talking the talk.  Those who appreciate such things should be applauding Mr. Romney loudly and without apology and yet instead we are forced to endure the spectacle of these very people having the most fun twisting his words rather than applauding his actions.  There is something seriously wrong with the cognitive functions portions of whatever grey matter these individuals still possess.  If this whole mess doesn’t end up helping Mr. Romney, particularly with women, then this country is truly beyond saving.

Let’s now take a look at what the candidate Obama had to say about the matter as he accepted the Democratic nomination for the Presidency back in August of 2008.  I’ve provided the full video below of what was truly a wonderfully inspiring speech made by some stranger who also went by the name of Barack Obama.

It’s well worth the time to either watch the entire video or perhaps just read the entire transcript, but I provide the  relevant part of his speech below…

I know there are those who dismiss such beliefs as happy talk. They claim that our insistence on something larger, something firmer, and more honest in our public life is just a Trojan horse for higher taxes and the abandonment of traditional values. 

And that’s to be expected, because if you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. 

If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things. 

And you know what? It’s worked before, because it feeds into the cynicism we all have about government. When Washington doesn’t work, all its promises seem empty. If your hopes have been dashed again and again, then it’s best to stop hoping and settle for what you already know.

How sad that a man with such promise turned out to be the ultimate con man.  It turns out that “the people” who were using the “scare tactics” the first time around have unfortunately been proved right, but no one can miss the delicious irony of the Obama team now using those same tactics in an attempt to con the electorate into voting for another four years of his failed presidency.

Thank you and, as always, I am interested in the readers perspective.

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