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AP Story Headlines Racial Prejudice, Disregards Facts In Favor Of Liberal Bias

October 27, 2012

In an apparent attempt to rile up the base and influence the upcoming election, the Associated Press releases the results of a recent study under a headline which manages to be both patently offensive and misleading. Although not  necessarily the worst example of introducing a false narrative at a time designed to provide no time for a correction, it is in the grand tradition of what has become familiarly known as an “October Surprise”.  Discerning readers should note that the interviews were conducted prior to the Benghazi fiasco,  as well as any of the televised debates., and yet AP waited for  over six weeks, and just prior to the election to release the results.

Even more interesting is the fact that, at least in the generic article, (same link as above) no mention was made of this disparity between the earlier time period which was devoted to gathering the information  and the results which were later reported under a clearly partisan headline. The underlying assumption in such cases tends to be that few will read the article and even fewer will examine the questions in the survey which purportedly support the headline.  Even worse, from the standpoint of those who wish to get the truth out, is that the advent of early voting further minimizes that window of opportunity.

The article itself contains elements which suggest the existence of a disconnect between the headline and the survey’s results.  The fundamental premise begins and ends with the claim that the feelings expressed are evidence of unwarranted prejudice against various minorities and, by extension, the President is also a victim.  This is meant to produce a counter reaction rebounding to the benefit of President Obama in this year’s on-going Presidential election.  Interestingly, the article contradicts its own conclusions when it provides evidence that black mayors received a higher level of support from white voters when running for re-election.  It is difficult to come to any final conclusions without additional data, but it does seem to suggest that in the absence of other non-racial related matters Blacks should expect more, not less, white support when campaigning for a second term.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be Obama’s experience and thus the need find an excuse which does to force him to look in a mirror.  For reasons that can only be considered partisan, the article attempts to contrast this reaction with the fact that President Obama has lost support from 2208 while continuing to suggest that, in the President’s case, it is evidence of latent racism. Any objective review of the evidence can only conclude that this is not true.

The problem is, for those on the left, that what these figures show is that it is the individual in question who matters, not the color of his skin.  This is really a disaster of historic proportions as the entire Obama campaign depends on this perception of a fine and upstanding man being knocked to the ground based solely on his background.  Any attempt to make this election about the issues or the President’s record in office has quickly been shot down in favor of producing more fallacious ads which scurrilously attack the Republican candidate in every way possible while drawing attention away from Obama.

A look at the underlying data is also very instructive and says a lot less about the existence of racial prejudice than it does about those involved in the survey.  In almost every instance the President, for example, started at a higher level and lost points based on additional information becoming available.  This is not indicative of prejudice, no matter how the numbers are twisted.  It shows that the man began with a huge amount of good will, predicted primarily on positive prejudices, and that he squandered that good will based on his own behavior and actions.  This is the opposite of prejudice and is more often considered learning from experience.  There is only one way I might agree with the authors of the study in that the President’s actions might well have some unforeseen results.  After all, if you are America’s First Black President, claimed and supported by “your own”, it is only reasonable for others to ascribe both you negative and positive characteristics to those who hold them up for approval..

Take at look at the information here (page nine of the survey)  which clearly favors the perspective just offered.  The President started off with the wind behind him, but unfortunately did not live up to his promises resulting in being becalmed in somewhat unfriendly waters.  The suggestion that his failures are due to his race should be offensive to American’s from both sides of the divide.

As always…(I have not yet begun to plead…:))  I’m always interested in the remarks of others so please don’t be a stranger.  I read the numbers, but a personal acknowledgement is always so much better)  I hope this article has provided you with an alternative way of looking at things.

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