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Red State/Blue State Either Way It’s Important For Conservatives To Get Out And Vote

October 31, 2012

A recent conversation with my son made me realize that there may be conservatives who live in Blue States that discount the value in casting their votes.  Although it can sometimes seem that constantly voting against the apparent majority is not worth the trouble it’s important for conservatives who live in Blue States to realize that there are a number of reasons for every conservative to make the effort.

Reasons Conservatives Should Vote In Blue States:

1.  There may be a number of voters who self-identify as liberals and yet actually support conservative values.  “True” conservatives, meaning those who vote and identify themselves as such, might make the difference and move the overall debate towards the center.

2.  There may actually be more conservatives then each individual conservative realizes and by voting in support of conservative values they support and motivate each other.

3.  In the event of a close Presidential election a good number of voters are wont to question the legitimacy of an Electoral College victory if the popular vote says otherwise.  This suggests that every vote counts even if that vote does not affect the allocation of electoral votes.  In other words, if at all possible, the best outcome of any Presidential election is for the victorious candidate to have won the popular vote and to have that translate into an Electoral College victory as well.

4.  Assuming that conservatives believe in small government, and the more local the better, it’s important to realize that in every election there are a number of local offices being contested, not to mention numerous local issues on which the voter is being asked his/her opinion.  In many ways, the most important vote being cast may be the one dealing with the most local issue.  A city, county, or state heavily influenced by conservatives at the local level can have a real impact on the attitudes of the leadership of the next largest political entity.

There are almost certainly other reasons that conservatives in Blue States should get out and vote, but none of those reasons will matter if you don’t GET OUT AND VOTE.

Thank you….and remember, it’s not just about choosing a new president, there are plenty of other issues which need your attention.

  1. It’s important that EVERYONE get out and vote, not just conservatives. 😉

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