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Tea Party News Network “Non-Endorsement” of Romney An Epic Fail

November 3, 2012

Does anyone out there believe that the newly launched Tea Party News Network‘s non-endorsement policy is anything but a cheap publicity stunt?  According to Politico’s Dylan Byers the new site’s official launch date was November 1, 2012 which might be the reason I hadn’t heard much about them.  At the time of this posting the head count was already over 17000, but one has to wonder what affect this announcement will have on that number.  Contributors include conservative blogger John Hawkins who has been busy extending his reach via a number of conservative sites.  Personally, I’ve always enjoyed his work, but this non-endorsement is certainly forcing me to view him in a new light.  Either those at TPNN believe that Mitt Romney’s victory is in the bag or they are overtly attempting to influence the outcome of the election in favor of President Barack Obama.

The point is not that I have no problems with Mitt Romney, but as I would assume is the case with many other conservative bloggers, I made the conscious and willful decision to hold my fire until after the election.  There will be plenty of time after the election, assuming a Romney victory, to make suggestions and express views contrary to the President elect’s position.  If the comments on the TPNN website are any indication there are more than a few conservative T-Party members who are experiencing a real feeling of betrayal.  It will be interesting to see whether this cynical and disrespectful behavior will be rewarded or punished by the less well know among us as determined by how many choose to remain “followers” of the website and how many choose to terminate their relationship.

Seriously…Tea Party News Network…..What the @#$% were  you thinking?  The election on the line and you decide to torpedo the chances of the candidate who only a short time ago you were individually supporting?  Silence would have been an appropriate way for a brand new site to indicate a non-endorsement.  Trumpeting a non-endorsement of Governor Romney is tantamount to an endorsement of the President re-election campaign.  A cheap publicity stunt which deserves nothing less than a complete boycott by every conservative  who wonders what gave you the right to claim the T-Party name, implying that you speak for them, and yet in  a way not reflecting their opinion.

Shame on every one of you.

Edited...A word to the wise.…Consider the source and decide for  yourself, before making your decision.

Additional digging into the organization’s background revealed the director of the nonprofit also has ties to companies that collect and sell people’s personal information. Todd Cefaratti is listed as the director the the nonprofit, as well as a company known as

John Hawkins…seriously….get out as fast as  you can….

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