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American In Name Only

November 7, 2012

It’s over, and as those on the Left cackle and taunt and dance on the corpse of what was once a great nation, I really wonder if those at the bottom even have a clue what it is they are celebrating.  Sure it’s over for people like me, thanks to the so-called “Greatest Generation”, but the really sad thing is that once the looting and pillaging is over it will turn out to have been a Pyrrhic victory  (look it up you stupid Americans, your lack of knowledge and intelligence is no longer my concern).

As the results of the election clearly show, I no longer have anything in common with most of you and thus I no longer answer to just plain “American”, I’m toying with several new labels, but for now just call me a White American of British Heritage.

Plato is dead, as is Socrates and Aristotle, not to mention George, Tom, and Ben, and Jesus may still be seated at the right hand of God, but God Himself has been banished to Heaven.  You foolish people have got what you wanted, but it will turn back the clock many centuries.  I want no part of your culture of corruption, stupidity, and general lack of integrity and I guarantee you will find that it’s not quite the utopia you seem to suppose it will be at the moment.

Ranting and hating will do conservatives no good, so I ask those intelligent souls, what now?  Do we leave?  Do we strike?  Do we demand a place of our own?  The Left has won and there is no going back, nor thinking that somehow logic will sway their emotion.  We are as different as night is to day and for now there is left only a few moments of twilight.

There are plenty of tomorrows to explain how we got here, who’s responsible, and perhaps why they did it, but the fact remains that we are here now, and crying over spilt milk will get us nowhere.

  1. lew8ka permalink

    Well I am in complete empathy with your thoughts and feelings, but at this moment I am not ready nor will I ever be ready to surrender over my mind to a different understanding of the principles and way of life handed down to us from our founding fathers.

    Half of America less a few stragglers feels the same way and the light of America has not been extinguished but only dimmed somewhat by the other half of America which has allowed itself to be misled and boarded the ‘Goodship Lollipop’ rather than staying on the USS Constitution.

    The liberal left has been temporarily successful at dividing Americans but it lacks the power to be successful in dividing those of us who share the same ideas, dreams and hopes of our forefathers. I look back at what all they lived through and were able to accomplish for themselves and for us and remain hopeful we all can and will continue to do the same.

    • Well, thank you for providing a somewhat optimistic view. I’m afraid I can’t really agree with it, but I appreciate the fact that you took the time to suggest there might still be a ray of hope.

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