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What Now? Will Romney’s Loss Destroy The Republican Party?

November 7, 2012

As usual there will be a lot of soul-searching, finger pointing, and destructive name calling in the wake of Governor Romney’s loss to President Obama.  Some of this will occur behind closed doors, but much of it will inevitably play out in a press whose membership will not only eagerly stir the pot, but also spend much time pontificating on how much better the Republican Party would do if it would only embrace more of the Democratic Party’s positions.  Redstate’s Michael Hammond already has an article up entitled, 30 Reasons Republicans Lost The Election.  His article was joined by at least 8 other articles on the same subject.  Those at The Spectator, at the time of this writing, tended to be more interested in the ramifications of the loss, rather than affixing blame at this time.  Bloggers were predictably having a field day, but it seems to me that almost all of them were missing the elephant in the room.

The polarization and Republican disadvantage of which they speak is not just a matter of coincidence, rather  it is the result of a Democratic strategy which has taken almost a half a century to reach fruition.  Arguably the Republican “problem” began with the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which completely revamped how the United States handled immigration.  A wonderful article on what happened as a result can be found at NumbersUSA which interestingly shows how it not only changed the characteristics of what it meant to be an American, but also had serious negative consequences for many groups which are now considered to be members of the Democratic Party coalition.  Strange, but true.

In any event, several possible motives are discussed in the article, but it is my belief that it was a blatant attempt to import a new class of voter who would eventually overwhelm what had been, until then, the classic American voter.  This thought is given further credence by Teddy White in his seminal book on the 1960 Presidential Election, The Making of the President, 1960.  Fast forward to the 2012 Presidential Election and the success of the strategy becomes obvious.

The next article will go into further detail, but the Republican Party, and the republic itself, ignores this series of events at its peril.

Thank you.


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