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Obama’s War 2012 Israel Takes A Knife In The Back And Comes Out Fighting

November 20, 2012

I wasn’t alone in predicting an Obama victory would embolden Hamas and thus the escalating level of violence unfortunately comes as no surprise.  The real surprise comes as a result of searching for evidence of that support via google and finding that Rupert Murdoch seems to be the only person newsworthy enough to have reportedly made a similar prediction:  MURDOCH PREDICTS ‘NIGHTMARE FOR ISRAEL IF OBAMA WINS’.  It may not be exactly the same thing, but close enough for me to give him credit.  On the other hand, The Washington Free Beacon published a report on October 31, 2012 with the headline:  Politics of Fear: Leading Obama Supporter Predicts End of Israel if Romney Elected.  It gives me no great pleasure to point out that the liberal record of creating a false narrative in order to gain support from those that will be most negatively affected by the predictable outcome continues to be unblemished.

Soon to be ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is presently on her resignation tour and thus somewhere far far away from her pursuers in D.C., not to mention what for any other Secretary of State would be considered  her duties in the Middle East.  Our most illustrious President Obama is also coincidentally out of the country, no doubt playing kissy face with the leadership of the most anti-American government he can find, and may or may not be in the loop as to how much further he has been able to denigrate the American brand.  It seems that the President has been found and this report claims that he claims he is on top of things.  It’s hard to say whether that means he has decided to spend a bit more time paying attention, but either way it simply doesn’t change the fact that leading from behind and “hoping for change” while projecting nothing but weakness is not a good way to avoid bloodshed.  One wonders whether the President, Hillary, and their supporters, which includes every single American voter for the Obama/Biden ticket, are now feverishly ducking into every bathroom they pass hoping  to wash the blood of their innocent victims off of  their hands before the rest of us have a chance to take notice.

There certainly seem to be enough progressives giddily voicing their bladder emptying excitement over the very real possibility that their actions, along with their President’s, might well have finally set the stage for a very real Armageddon.  I just have to ask myself, even as I wallow in my cynicism   has American Liberalism sunk so low as to welcome the death and destruction of a country which not so long ago was actually a liberal cause celebre?  Does the “normal” everyday American Liberal really understands the level of their complicity, the depths of their depravity,  and the immeasurable damage to American prestige which they are in the process of not only supporting, but actually celebrating?  It is hard not to suggest that perhaps the abandonment of our Ambassador in Libya was just a prelude to abandoning an entire country to whatever fate awaits those who put their trust in the American Flag and the American Honor which those Stars and Stripes used to represent.  Is it so difficult to imagine that some of those rockets or missiles which are now raining down on the cities and neighborhoods of Israel were not so long ago stamped “Made in the USA” and shipped to Turkey via Libya?

One might remember that the last appointment of our deceased Ambassador Stevens which ended just prior to the attack on the American compound just happened to be with a representative of that ostensible NATO Ally, Turkey.  Interestingly, in searching for a reference to link to support my statement regarding Ambassador Stevens’ final appointment,  I was directed to an article published in the body of an excellent blog which I happen to visit quite frequently.  In any event, the article which I recommend highly was published in The Last Refuge on October, 2012 and arguably gives even greater credence to my theory as to the possibility of Turkish involvement.  This is the same Turkey which some have reported was the point of embarkation for shipments of arms from American hands in Libya and destined for groups that are purportedly compatriots of al-Queda.  The very same Turkey who recently came out with a statement labeling  Israel as a terrorist state.  The Turkey which has increasingly fallen under the clutches of Muslim Fundamentalists and just recently purged the more secular leadership of its Armed Forces.  And finally, yes, the very same country which the United States “declined to condemn” for calling Israel a terrorist state.  Shame on every American for standing by and watching this happen.

I recommend following at least some of the links for a better understanding of how I arrived at my conclusions.

On a completely different note, for those into that kind of thing, 12,21,2012 draws near.


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