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The Manosphere….What’s It All About?

January 2, 2013

Is it all about “game”?  About “hooking up”?  About how to “luv em and leave em”?  Are women nothing but the sum of their “lady parts”?  And who’s the victim here anyway?  The men, or the women?

There seem to be three main components of the Manosphere:

1.  How to pick up (seduce) women.

2.  Understanding gender dynamics

3.  Understanding how gender dynamics affects everything else.

The best bloggers of the Manosphere tend to attempt to integrate all three.  Unfortunately, from my point of view, the wider implications of what’s being said tend to be lost in the “pick up artist” (pua) vernacular.  It’s almost ironic that the proof of what they suggest is proved by the fact that those posts and blogs concentrating on number one seem to be the most popular.  I’ve been following the movement for quite some time now and thought it might be time to mention it here on my column.  I have reserved a section to which I will link some of the best of the genre while writing the occasional article expressing my opinion.

To start things off I’m going to provide a link to an article from a non-manosphere blog which seems to agree with the philosophy.

Love to get other’s take on the movement.  Lot’s more to talk about.


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  1. Chloe permalink

    As a woman, I’ve had to do some looking around to gain some insight, and it seems to me that sex, seduction, superficial dating game-playing involving gender specifics are ‘less’ the point to the Manosphere Movement, but rather more to getting back into definition and purpose of a Patriarchial society (not in a Welfare State context at all ! –that would be more Matriarchial) — If so, I love it !!

    1. Stop the destruction of the ‘Male’ forcing “emotionalism” on him.
    2. Fight against the rapacious (ironic) nature of Feminism.
    3. Rediscover what it is to be a man in the sense of tradition and value systems.
    4. Stop allowing the media programs ruin your image!

    I feel the change coming. I think men have had enough of women bosses putting them down, keeping them down, backed by an ever-encroaching and smothering Liberalism. I love men, and hope to meet a ‘real’ one again.

    • Wow, somehow i missed this comment when you originally made it. I’m thinking about putting out a few more articles on the subject. The politics part of it is what interests me.

      Thanks, and sorry I did not reply sooner.

      • Chloe permalink

        Thank you for noticing! I’m not using Matriarchal and Patriarchal in the usual sense, I know. But, hopefully you got my point. I think a female dominant position in business and government is a mistake, obviously.

        I’m sorry if I mistook your focus with the term Manosphere in your article. I thought you were zeroing in on the ‘relationship’ aspect (with your mentioning “game” “hooking up” and “lady parts”) of it more than the national and governmental/political results.

        I didn’t know much about it, so it was interesting reading some of the different male opinions of what it’s all about.

      • Your comment was completely appropriate. As I bounce around the various blogs they basically intersect like a Venn Diagram which is what makes them so interesting.

        My theory, for lack of an article on the subject….:) is that Marx had it wrong, along with many others, and that sex/gender imperatives/relationships, are/were the true driving force behind history.

      • Chloe permalink

        ..Always such an interesting perspective that you have, and often intelligently clever. I’m finding a sort of abstractly humorous way to look at what you said, too..

        The economic theory, “mode, means and relations of production” = “the game, hooking up, and body parts” = the Capitalist, the exchanging of commodities, the workers realizing their economic interests lie in preventing the Capitalists from exploiting them in this way = “the social relations of production are inherently antagonistic” — which becomes “the driving force behind history.” 😛

      • There’s barter…and there’s exploitation….and regarding the latter it is sometimes hard to tell which is which.

        On the other hand, socialism and big government social programs are anti-male and eventually result in the demise of the society.

        I have a ton of articles half done on related subjects but I just can’t seem to get them polished enough.

        Thanks for stopping. As you may have noticed, I’m a pretty sporadic visitor on the vine site, but hope to get a bit more motivated.

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