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Who Killed Off The Idea Of Marriage?

January 6, 2013

It’s a subject which requires a much lengthier post and there is certainly plenty of blame to go around. The Who, or the What, might include:

1. World War II and the cultural revolution at home including the increase in the number of women working outside the home, coupled with the fact that they drew a paycheck as a result.

3.  The feminization of America, including the growth of the welfare state.

4,  The Right to Vote.

5.  The discovery of “The Pill”.

6.  Greater prosperity.

7.  Boom and lower unemployment.

8.  The looser standards of the war  years carrying over into peacetime.

9.  Men returning with different world views.

And those are just a few that come to mind.  One important factor I hadn’t really considered:

……….This broke down in the 1950s when men went along with Hefner’s advice that they become “playboys.”  Women rightly saw the cultural fascination with hot stewardesses and movie starlets as a threat.  A wife could no longer count on her husband’s fidelity.  She now needed to become self-sufficient in case the bastard ran off with the secretary…….

There might be something to it.  For whatever reason, maybe women became less trusting of men thus deciding to put their trust more in themselves and their government to the detriment of us all.

Just a thought….


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  1. Wow I’ve never thought of it that way! But it totally makes sense, and it’s still relevant today. Women have had to kick up their sexy to keep up with the outside influences. Well, maybe not all. But I think to some degree they feel the pressure…

  2. Against other women getting in?

    • To an extent. On the one hand, the deal was off and just being a “good wife” no longer guaranteed security for life. Yes, sex appeal became an extra requirement, and still with no guarantee that “the bastard wouldn’t run off with the secretary”.

      A little more too it, but that seems to be the gist of it. Follow the link for the entire quote….Don’t forget me though….:)

  3. taymecanencia permalink

    It should be two-way… No matter how difficult life is, commitment is still very important…

  4. Chloe permalink

    ..Marriage might have seemed to be a ‘trust and security’ blanket years ago (and I still believe it is one for those that truly are committed in love), but I think both genders of modern times have come to think of marriage as a temporary arrangement for myriad of reasons, and unfortunately has led to feeling that ‘either’ will cheat or leave them for the ‘instant gratification’ opportunities. Essentially, the ‘conditions’ of modern times have destroyed the institution of Marriage. ..(in my amateur analysis of current human psychology)

  5. So who again? Women? Men? Hugh Hefner?

    • All of the above??

      I obviously have my opinion, but I just thought the suggestion i linked was an interesting take. Thanks for the comments, and sorry for the delay.

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