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Gun Control—5 Reasons the Extremist Must Be Stopped

January 16, 2013

1.  In the Constitution we are guaranteed a Republican form of government.  The Chief Executive of the Federal Government is called “the President”, not “the Dictator”.  The occupant of the office is not above the law, rather he is charged with enforcing the law.  When the Chief Executive ignores the law he is in violation of his oath of office.  Apparently there are a lot of “Americans” who neither care about nor understand the American form of government.  The President has no business getting involved in this debate.

2.  I keep hearing about polls or other media surveys claiming that a majority of Americans support even more draconian restrictions on the sale, purchase, and ownership of firearms. There seems to be some confusion, once again, as to the American form of government.  It is most often the rights of the minority, not the majority, which need to be protected.  It does not matter what the people say, the surveys say, the polls say, or what you or I say.  The US Constitution is very clear on the subject and tearing up the Second Amendment is not legally permissible for the very reason just stated.  Rights are not determined by who has majority status.  If they are there are quite a few of you who might not like the results.

3.  Always remember one thing, it is the weak who need the protection provided by gun ownership.  You’ll note that the major impetus for confiscating privately owned firearms comes from the government, not the people, and I don’t see the government giving up the right to bear arms.

4.  If the government is the people, than obviously the people should be allowed to have guns.  If the people are not the government, it is even more important that the people retain the right to bear arms.

5.  The second amendment is the enforcement method on which all of our other rights depend.  Anyone who says they want to restrict the right to bear arms is essentially stating that they are not interested in exercising any of the other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Bonus #6.  Ninety percent of the discussions about gun control begin from and rest on a false premise.  The fact of the matter is that to engage the President, and others, in the type of discussion they wish to have is a fool’s game as in doing so one is condoning an unconstitutional action.







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