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Wanna Fight About It? Subjects Virtually Guaranteed To Bring Out The Trolls

February 6, 2013

As most of  you probably already realize, writing articles generally takes a lot more time and effort than passing on interesting articles authored by others.  I have several original articles in the works, but for the moment here’s one that grabbed my attention…

6 Innocent-Sounding Topics That Are Guaranteed Flame Wars

Let’s just admit, if only to ourselves, it’s a lot easier to laugh at the antics of others when we aren’t directly involved in the discussion.  Another article which is closely related can be found at…

10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (And Must) Agree On

After all, can anyone think of a subject which causes more “flame wars” then religion?  Just some food for thought here before I publish my next article on a subject of interest, which generally means one that people have strong opinions on.  Oh well, enjoy.


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