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Hating on Anne Hathaway

March 2, 2013

It’s all about the hair.  I know.   It seems a bit superficial, but if you really think about it all the “hating” on Anne Hathaway really began around the time she cut her hair.  Out of all the articles I have seen attempting to address the subject the most honest one simply admitted that it was some kind of visceral reaction that the author simply couldn’t explain.

It’s the hair.

I’m not going to get into all the sociological and psychological reasons that what I have said is true.  The problem for Anne Hathaway is that once the curtain has been pulled away the audience’s perception is never the same.  This doesn’t mean that she has to accept the fact that she will be hated forever, nor should she, but rather that her public image will never be the same as it was before all these articles were written.

The very first step on the road to redemption, and a new, but improved, image?

Grow the hair Anne.  Let your hair grow.

Just my thoughts on Anne Hathaway.


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  1. Chloe permalink

    Really ? Um.. well, (wait, are you serious, or is this a joke?:) Well, talking about her hair for a second: She has a small face, that’s usually who looks best in short hair. I always thought her long hair consumed her face and was too much for her willowy (if that’s the right word) frame. I think she looks better now.

    But on a more significant note, and because I don’t follow the tabloids or ET reports, I looked up the issue. It was a Huffpo live report where consensus had it that it’s because she has been very successful lately, they suggested monetarily – and well, that makes her more vulnerable to attack and speculation and criticism.

    I go with that answer — not so much the ‘hair’ theory. 🙂

    • No joke.

      You may think she looks better now, but I would suggest that many would disagree. Having said that, now take a look at when the “hating” began.

      As you know, i generally don’t do a whole lot of commenting on this kind of news, but one of the statements made by short hair is that you want to be taken seriously….right?

      Thanks for your input.

  2. Chloe permalink

    CC, I’ll look into the ‘timing’ that you suggest is relevant. I also wonder if ‘who’ is doing the hating is significant?..I’m suggesting jealousy, perhaps – that Anne got roles that someone else thought they should have, also gender – is it more women than men or v/v?

    I know that you don’t do a lot of Fashion/Style type of stuff; I was just mostly joking with you.

    I truly don’t correlate hairstyle with being taken seriously. Really? You might be right, tho.

    I find myself thinking of actresses from the past that weren’t ‘always’ following a cookie-cutter look, e.g. Hallie (sp?) Barry, Mia Farrow, the other Ann that was with Ellen D. for a while, can’t think of her name. There must be others.

    I always thought face-shape had a lot to do with it — not all girls/women look right with longer hair, and height usually makes a difference too…maybe even the role they play, or maybe not, not sure on that one. I haven’t been watching Anne (said she is 30) or the younger actresses, so I don’t know what she’s been doing (roles).

    But, it does seem to me there would be a lot of jealousy and criticism for a 30 year-old to have multi-millionaire status, playing in the big leagues, when others might have wanted those parts.

    That was what HP seemed to be suggesting, too. You don’t think so?

    When you say that many would disagree that she doesn’t look better now, is the Industry expecting all actresses to have long hair ?

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