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News From The Utopian Feminist State

March 4, 2013

We don’t have to wait to see what life is like in a feminist state.  White women might want to pay attention to what their black sisters have to say.  Keep in mind that not all blacks live in feminist Utopian societies, many live according to the rules of a conventional society and thus this article is not meant to disparage blacks in general, but rather report on the state of America’s premiere example of a culture which exemplifies all the attributes of a feminist Utopian society.

Blacks more than whites are almost certainly much more aware of the ongoing conflict between the men and women of the black community.  Recently I came across this article, which was written in response to this article, both of which purported to list reasons why many blacks prefer to date outside of their race.  Ironically, and contrary to the opinions expressed by some blacks, it is simply not true that white men and women are not attempting to address some of the very same problems.  The truth is that members of both races are experiencing the same negative consequences of feminism, but blacks are just a lot further along in the process.  One doesn’t necessarily have to agree with every claim on either list to recognize that the man is looking for what he considers to be a “traditional” woman and the woman is looking for a “traditional” man.  In both of their cases they see white culture as being the producer and protector of just such gender specific individuals.

Not too many years ago they both would have been completely right.  The further irony is that they both almost certainly rail against conservatives, white or black, for attempting to save the culture which they are in the process of destroying.  Even worse, women of all races continue to play the victim card while plaintively asking where all the “good” men have gone.  Let’s take a look at how black women have contributed to the problem about which they are now complaining while keeping in mind that white women are apparently fully committed to following the very same path.

The really interesting thing is how deeply rooted support for the feminist ideology appears to be in a black community which has been devastated by its acceptance of the ideology.  In 2002/2003 a research project was designed to investigate the question of why there had been such a precipitous rise over the last 50 odd years in the number of black “families” with a female head of household .  The one page summary provides some interesting information.

Contrary to popular belief, the African-American family was primarily a two-parent, husband-wife, family through slavery and into the mid-twentieth century. However, beginning in 1950 Black marriage rates began a significant decline that has lasted into our own present. Consequently, there has been a sharp increase in female-headed households.

The summary concludes, in part, by revealing the following unsurprising results:

…as labor force participation rates are rising for African American women their marriage rates are decreasing, as labor force participation rates are falling for African American men their marriage rates are decreasing.  

By 2008 forty five percent of all black families were classified as single female/head of household (Chapter 4, Wealth and Income, pg 81   pdf file) , just what the feminists ordered.  In that same year (2008),not in-coincidentally,   only 28% of all black babies born did so within the confines of a marriage and yet a simple google search will reveal the fact that the women continue to blame the men.    The author of an article entitled Why Black Women Don’t Get Married put it this way:

Not many people have a theory for why this is, but one thing for sure is that the Black community has a shortage of Black men. A large portion of Black men are unfortunately in jail or dead due to violence. But these are not the primary reasons for why many Black women aren’t married.

and goes on to say:

For a long time in the Black community, Black women have been head of household. Many Black men leave the woman that they have gotten pregnant, and the woman is left to take care of the child herself. This happens so often, and has happened so long, to the point where Black women have become the woman and the man of the house. The woman is left to doing everything on her own. She brings in the income, pays the bills, takes care of the children, the home chores, the discipline of the children-basically she does everything that most women and men do, but doing it on her own.

Unfortunately the article reveals that she has no clue as to the relationship between black women being the head of household and black men leaving the women they have gotten pregnant.  It’s as if you assumes that the man will continue to play the responsible role of “head of household” even when that position has already been taken.  Even a site which has the following irl: inexplicably weighs in reflecting a decidedly feminist point of view.  Essentially she suggests that it is “patronizing” to recognize the man as the head of the household and concludes by stating:

Also, I think the term provider definitely needs a modern upgrade, or remix. I think traditionally, provider has been relegated to a more financial role, than anything. Providing comes in different forms. Providing can be emotional. It can be taking care of the kids, giving a back rub at the end of a long day. I believe we both should provide.

Perhaps, but the most patronizing act of all is to believe that any man will take what she said in her comment at face value.  Here she reveals that she has absolutely no understanding of how attempting to live by the tenets of such feminist tripe has had catastrophic consequences for the community which her blog apparently attempts to serve.  She, and others of like mind, already have exactly the community they deserve and yet wonder why it is not the community she expected.  If women don’t need men, than they shouldn’t expect to find “a good one” as those are the men who are not inclined to subject themselves to a situation where the woman is the head of the household.

The consequences of a culture deciding that it doesn’t need men are on full display in the black community and coming soon to a culture near you.  The women of the black community have for decades rejected what their men can provide and opted to either use government services as a surrogate partner or go out and “get it for themselves”.  In so doing they have created a culture which is arguably out of control.

In claiming to move beyond a condition requiring the presence of men, they have relegated themselves to second class status both financially and socially with no real hope of redemption.  The irony is that it is the society of their creation which reflects the most misogynistic tendencies.  Their influence on their sons seems to be mostly negative as evidenced by the high dropout rates, high incarceration rates, and lower expected job prospects.  Perhaps the greatest insult of all is the fact that so many of their sons, and now daughters, are not interested in settling down with anyone that looks “just like Mom”.  The bottom line is that the dysfunctional nature of the (lower class) black community can be laid squarely at the feet of its women and the feminist ideology which pervades it.

Thank you.

  1. Chloe permalink

    All I can say is as usual, “Wow”…I’m always blown away with your combination of excellent writing, syntax, verbiage and communication skills, telling it like it is (even if others can’t ‘see’ it or the value in it), getting to the point, and willingness to speak the truth (well, in ‘most’ cases:), anyway.

    So, our Nation has run the race/gender socioeconomic gamut.

    What’s next (or should I say – what’s left) ? We don’t know.

    My guess is there will be a ‘correction’ of some kind, eventually; maybe revolution, maybe migration, but ‘change’ would seem to become necessary once again.

  2. Chloe permalink

    You are welcome.

    Hmm.. That’s it?!

    Okay… Thank you, too.

    • Well, I agreed with your conclusions, and didn’t want to repeat everything I said in the article. If I press the point too much I can see how it might come off as being “anti-women”

      The point is that in seizing the reigns of power women have not gotten what they wanted, and continue to look around for somebody else to blame. It’s more or less the Obama approach which is to say, not the approach of a leader.

  3. Chloe permalink

    Thank you, cc. I thought I was getting the ‘brush-off.’ I can understand not wanting to be repetitive. It’s just that I’ve seen you have more to say to others that agree with you. And, I know I’m being sensitive. And, that you have no obligation to reply.

    I don’t think the article is anti-women in that it gets to the heart of what we’ve discussed in the past — women expecting head of household, and expecting men to also fill the spot, while simultaneously defending why men should not dominate the role. Can’t have their cake and eat it, too… As you pointed out here:

    ” Unfortunately the article reveals that she has no clue as to the relationship between black women being the head of household and black men leaving the women they have gotten pregnant. It’s as if you assumes that the man will continue to play the responsible role of “head of household” even when that position has already been taken. ..Essentially she suggests that it is “patronizing” to recognize the man as the head of the household and concludes by stating: …”

    So, yes, I was agreeing on this issue as I always have, but I was taking it to the next step in my mind, of where do we (as a nation) go from here — you know women of the Feminist movement/generation expect to be catered to, expect to rule, to protect and take care of themselves, to be strong and independent…they just want a man for when they need them. lol.. i.e., I read a women say she’s happy, but it’s when, ” who’s going to clean the gutters and roof, or ‘fix’ things that she can’t or doesn’t know how,” when she thinks about having a man around!! Really? I couldn’t believe I was reading that. I think women have reversed roles with men in more than one way! …Not all of course, I was just facetiously stereotyping, but I think the equality issue has become skewed by women (some men, too, cc….I’ve read some that like it). I just wonder where this ends up in say thirty years from now? Rhetorical.

    • You know how I hate rewriting a comment I lost. I will write a longer response after I finish pounding my head against the wall……………..

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