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What are We (the US) Doing In Syria?

April 27, 2013

The sabre rattling continues.  The red-line has been crossed, or has it?  The President wants more information.  The Israelis will/won’t act on their own.  The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!  Actually, they are already there.

Syria hosts the only Russia naval base in the Mediterranean at Latakia

Syria hosts the only Russia naval base in the Mediterranean at Latakia

Unlike Obama’s American foreign policy in the Middle East, which seems designed to weaken the position of the United States whenever possible, Putin’s Russian foreign policy seems to have a very clear understanding of what it wants to accomplish and what it is willing to do further its goals.  Although an article published by the BBC in June, 2012 questioned the level of importance of the last remaining “Soviet” navel base on the Mediterranean to present day Russia’s defense posture, common sense would suggest that the Russian military establishment would be very unhappy should its existence be jeopardized in some way. This does not even take into account that unlike Obama’s Team of Foreign Policy Experts, the Russian Team understands the importance of defending what is arguably its staunchest Middle Eastern Ally.  In light of the outcome of its Afghani adventure prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the loss of influence in Syria could well be seen as completely unacceptable by both its military and political leaders.

The policy presently being pursued by the Obama Administration related to Syria hardly seems worthy of the name.  Apparently the President continues to believe that respect for his office and the country he serves will somehow be enough to ensure that no matter how much he bumbles around everything will turn out ok in the end.  Unfortunately for the future status of the United States of America as a world power it is becoming increasingly obvious that his ability to squander the power and resources of this country far surpass what even the most virulent critic of President Obama might have predicted at the time of his first inauguration.  Russia will not back down, and frankly, unless the President’s goal is the formation of a new Caliphate, Americans are going to have to swallow their pride and hope that it doesn’t.

It is a very sad day when Americans are put in the position of hoping that the Russians will save what’s left of a somewhat stable Middle East which existed prior to President Obama taking office.  One can only wonder what the President will do to destabilize Jordan in the very near future.

Stay out of Syria.

Thank you.


The map above was linked to the following article…..

Although it was published almost two years ago it made a number of interesting points which make it well worth a read….

I found Section Two particularly interesting.

Thanks again.


Updated related article….

  1. Chloe permalink

    I’m still trying to figure out what his policy is regarding Syria!! Or a FP of any kind! I still view the ME being about something more than just the power plays we see.

    Some that I’ve read are suggesting that it’s a matter of prioritizing our interests for him, i.e., that he’s placing more focus on getting out of Afgan and keeping Iran from acquiring nukes, making Syria third in line…who knows for sure, but just how important ‘is’ Syria’s outcome right now, I don’t know. Should our involvement in Syria take a back seat… and if so, what could result if we do..

    • Hi !!

      Probably won’t believe this, but I actually went to NV Friday for the first time in a long time, just to check things out…Unfortunately, been so long, I couldn’t remember my password…

      In any event…Obama is yet another example of why conspiracy theories are so popular. Which would you prefer…..a completely clueless, mindless idiot….or a Machiavellian schemer with whom you may disagree, but at least shows evidence of higher level cognitive thinking.

      So…I think you are attempting to interpret his actions using the old paradigm where one assumed that while those at the top did consider their private interests when formulating American foreign policy there was still the sense that it was important to them that the United States continue to be the World’s greatest super power.

      On Syria….I just don’t see why the United States should be involved in toppling yet another secular dictator for the purpose of making our position even weaker and the Caliphate even stronger. Not to mention that I see no purpose in ticking the Russians off.

      On the other hand…his Afghan policy sucks, as does his response to Iran, throw in Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, China, N. Korea, and anyone else that comes to mind and I have to say that my expectations have unfortunately been met. Thanks.

      • Chloe permalink

        You sure aren’t missing much on the ‘vine. Imo, it’s a huge waste of time.

        Just joking with you here : “a mindless idiot or a **Machiavellian schemer” — hmm.. difficult choice… I don’t know; on the latter – a smart narcissistic psychopath sounds pretty scary!!!! ..The idiot will make a lot of mistakes – but might be safer!! lol (Obama is the idiot, right?!!)…j/k…yes, he’s that too! Yet…

        **based on this Wiki definition: “The Machiavellian personality is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others, with a cynical disregard for morality and a focus on self-interest and deception.[9]” Yikes!! ..Can’t win..

        Yes, you are right, it seems the old paradigm of Patriotism is the thinking that comes with “prioritizing.” I guess that doesn’t happen anymore.

        You did cause me to think about Syria. Personally, I really thought our interests would be only to help Israel eliminate some ‘nasty’ neighbors. I had not thought about Russia, and I’m not sure I have enough knowledge on the significance you imply. I don’t know how those decisions affect Russia.

      • I have to admit I’m a little confused in terms of the Israeli position although I realize that Syria has not always been its staunchest ally…….

        First…what action on Obama’s part has suggested to you that he wishes to help “eliminate some ‘nasty’ neighbors?

        Second…even if it were true, and this is where the Israeli position also confuses me, how would establishing another al-Quada (sp) government in Syria help them or us?

        Finally….not only has Syria been a client state of the Russians for decades, but even if it wasn’t why should we care?

        Thanks…and, no, it didn’t look like much was happening on NV….I’d be surprised to hear their traffic is up..

  2. Chloe permalink

    Sorry to be slow with a reply..

    First, I know this is off-topic and inappropriate here, and I will understand if you choose to delete this comment. I just had to tell you what I was told by a reliable source (not on NV) which might substantiate my instincts that I discussed with you in our group, at that time, on why I believed DPM and not PN when all that drama was going on between the two of them. But she apparently admitted to framing him! She’s a compulsive liar, imo, and I also sensed ‘that’ with the drama about some pervert and harassing emails towards she and her daughter in a big play to NV—I never believed it, either. I have no proof–just fits the pattern of deception and narcissism from her past.

    CC, I was only guessing on motives to eliminate Assad; there was no suggestion from Obama. And helping the Syrian rebels will most likely mean another tyrannical regime will replace Assad’s. Did we help Afghan in supplying them aid and training, or did we just give ourselves more problems! I agree, I think being there is a mistake, as well as devastation for our military if exposed to chemical weapons, among other things. We’re just funding the terrorist element in everything we do there.
    Also, I didn’t know Syria was a client state of Russia—-so let Russia come to their aid! ..I guess Obama didn’t get that memo. 😛


    Nice to see you again! Hope all is well.

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