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More Liberal Foolish Quotes…Subject…”Affordable Health” and First Amendment Rights

June 30, 2013

“In general, they are upholding the principal of the Affordable Care Act that almost all women will get the contraception that they need and the employers won’t be able to impose their religious views on the employees,” said Judy Waxman, vice president of health and reproduction for the National Women’s Law Center.

As to the principles of the “Affordable Care Act” and whether “they” are upholding them, Judy Waxman may well be right in her analysis as revealed in the above quote, but back when the Constitution used to be the law of the land her point of view wouldn’t even have been considered worthy of note if it had been presented by a first grader.

She seems to forget that, barring other areas of disagreement, employees have no more right to impose their religious views on the employers than the employers supposedly have to impose their views on the employees.

In short……….Judy Waxman……..Grade    F.


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One Comment
  1. It’s a weird twist of (il)logic that allows liberals to believe that Christians are imposing their religious views on others, when all they’re doing is objecting to public funding (aka, “our tax dollars”) being used for purposes that are abhorrent to Christians’ religious views. I guess some percentage of Christians are in favor of outright legal banning of contraception no matter how it’s paid for, but I’d say most Christians can accept the legality of privately funded contraception. Public funding of EVERYTHING is such an automatic, subconscious assumption by liberals that they don’t even realize their own lack of logic. You and I and other conservatives give Judy Waxman an F, but people of the liberal ideology give the very same statement an A. It’s another example of the irreconcilable differences between these two opposing world-views.
    – Jeff

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