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More Bad News For Those Who Value Freedom And Have Privacy Concerns

July 19, 2013

Simply unbelievable.

The surprise is not that the technology is available, but that so many Americans simply do not care about its use.  I personally just became aware of the existence and use of “license plate technology”.  I do not support its use under almost any circumstances, beginning with deploying it purportedly for “legitimate” law enforcement purposes units and certainly including its use as some kind of proprietary product in support of various private company goals and objectives.

Read the article I have linked below


There can be little doubt that this country is rapidly reaching the point of no return in any number of ways.  One has but to take a quick peek out the window to see that the changes are generally occurring with the full support of those who know and care little about its history or culture. Attempting to understand why so many wish to kill the goose laying the golden eggs is really a fool’s game leaving many observers with little choice but to enjoy articles such as the one referenced here as being part of a larger farce.

Truthfully, not too many years ago even the least educated American citizen  would have been roaring with laughter at the stupidity of the actors on stage as they showed their complete lack of any common sense.  Let’s take a look at a few examples and see what the reader can pick out with little, if any, additional interpretation.

Just some samples:

 adding to privacy advocates’ concerns that such data could be used improperly.


…it taps into a database of more than 1 billion records collected by automatic license plate readers.


creating massive databases where more than 99 percent of the entries represent innocent people.


But those involved in amassing license plate databases say such fears are unfounded – and that data obtained via Facebook, Twitter or a person’s cellphone are far more intrusive


“For us to figure out that information, it would take us billions and billions of license plates to get to that point. We’re at least 10 years away from that.”


Feel better yet?  Check out the rest of the article.


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