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Sacrifice… You First… Let’s See How It All Works Out

July 30, 2013

The problem with government programs, etc. is that the vast majority of us enjoy the benefits way before we even think about paying the costs and even when the payments come due they either come out of other people’s pockets or are laughably short relative to the actual cost.  In other words…..


and if the majority of us ever had to pay for these programs up front we might be amazed at how quickly we learned math, and how quickly we got in touch we our inner Conservative nature.

Want to implement one of your favorite programs?

Feel free.  Just pay for it first……

Here is THE CHALLENGE people

For the next month spend only what you have and be advised that what you have does not include government money.  In other words, be as philanthropic as you wish with your money, your house, your property, and anything else which belongs to you.

Don’t like the Judeo/Christian, Greco/Roman, American value system which made this country great?  Move to Detroit, or somewhere else beyond its protection.

In other words….


If you can’t pay all that you want, what makes you think that others have enough extra to do it for you?

(I’ll admit that others might present some of my ideas with a bit better flair, but the real question is whether any of us are doing anything but preaching to the choir?)

It’s all about sacrifice.  The point being that as long as the benefits come before the sacrifices most of us will vote for the former without thinking about the latter.)


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  1. Chloe permalink

    Yes, but sacrifice does not exist with a ‘running faucet government.’ I don’t see how we can expect to ‘ever’ have the faucet get turned off occasionally, either – no matter which admin is in charge. It’s just the nature of beast, as I see it. It’s forced collection allocated to a general fund I believe; it would seem to be arbitrarily managed from there…with the point being that the funding is ‘limitless.’ …And shouldn’t be.

    Even if there was a way to turn it off occasionally, it would still get printed up by the CB, I think.

    ” … but the real question is whether any of us are doing anything but preaching to the choir? ”
    Probably so.

    It appears that the goal of another Scandinavian-style welfare state was achieved.


    I hope you are feeling better, and more… that the extended prognosis looks good.


    • Chloe permalink

      ..And, yeah, I might be someone that didn’t listen when I should have, but that’s because I wanted to be your friend – and cared (you should have just been blunt with me and said “STFU” and go away – lol…and I probably still wouldn’t have left :). Obviously, I read your comment over there, and I feel sick. I’m very sorry. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes there aren’t any words that seem right. So, I’ll just give a vine-style hug ((((((cc♥))))))

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree that I am preaching to the choir and that there is little hope that anything will make any difference or stand in the way of the impending crash.

      Not sure why you keep thinking I am someone I’m not.

      For now things around here are a bit unsettled.

      • Chloe permalink

        Not sure why you would think I have you confused, and I’m not sure how much I should say in your discussion section.

        You still sound like you (Soc)…and I still think of you as a vine friend, despite a rough ending to the group and several public discussions.

        I will always be a fan of your articles. 🙂

        P.S. I hope ” For now things around here are a bit unsettled.” means that you are at least hopeful. Wishing you the best. CL
        (If you need to delete this because it’s off-topic, I understand)

  2. That’s how we do it here, we call it pay as you go.

    • Long time no talk…Hope all is well…Pay as you go is a good plan.

    • Chloe permalink

      BD, Hi ! Just to note, I haven’t forgotten you, and will respond to your last correspondence — I’m just at a loss for words at the moment…if you know what I mean. Pretty mind-boggling.

  3. Well hi ya’ll, is the gang all here?…:)
    CC are you our Socs from the vine and why didn’t you tell me…I’ve munching on a few q’s about gold and was thinking of returning to “The Lawful Path’ and leave some of them.

    I know off topic but there are few to converse with about some things…:)

    • “Blast from the past….”, as they say. Welcome, hope all is well.

      For some reason I assumed you knew that Socrates was my middle name..

      Coincidentally, I have been bouncing some ideas around in my head..I know, I know…on how to address economic questions, certainly to include gold. Essentially, fiat money, eventually becomes the root of all evil, regardless of how things begin.
      btw, I do stop over at the vine, albeit very occasionally, but I’ve forgotten my password, they collect lots of information, it seems to affect my computer’s performance, and……perhaps the main reason I avoid it is I truly cannot stand the bias, the stupidity, the ignorance, the snarkiness, and liberals in general. What’s there left to say? If 4 years of conversation haven’t changed things….? Maybe it’s me?

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and your visit.

      • It hasn’t changed much. Happy Thanksgiving.
        Vic has been awfully quiet about three weeks now. Thinking about him.
        Hi Chloe!
        I can’t figure out who lew8ka is

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