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There Is No “Republican Party”

January 17, 2014

When are Republican conservatives going to admit that they have completely lost control of the party?  Time after time I read complaints detailing how this or that politician is failing to live up to his or her campaign promises and yet there seems to be little in terms of any real retribution.  Get with it.  Real conservatives need to “Take their party back”.  It is all about money, votes, and keeping the faith and if conservatives are unwilling to band together at the grass roots level they might as well admit they have lost and go home.

There are no “high powered” conservative leaders worthy of the conservative label.  There are no conservative leaders representing the conservative rank and file.  Once you get above a certain level it is all smoke and mirrors.  This is not to absolve those at the grass roots of any responsibility.  When was the last time we saw the grass roots lay down any kind of real ultimatum?

According to Before It’s the largest “party” in the United States is the “party of independent voters”.  What makes this so hard to take is that so many of these “independent” voters continue to vote for the big business/big government/big labor nexus which got us here in the first place.  Look no further then the controversial T-Party to see how far the powers that be will go to keep down any real representatives of the people.

It’s a given that the top leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties are in bed together and thus any analysis which attempts to explain the loss of a particular office in terms the average Joe would understand is pure bunkum.  Next you have the rank and file Democrats who can be counted on to vote for whatever candidate has the paper bag over his head with the label of Democratic.  As befits any socialistic and totalitarian movement no new ideas are allowed to peculate up from the bottom.  Proclamations are issued from the top and woe to those who dare attempt to stake out another position.  This makes for a very efficient party, if not a very user friendly one.

We have a rogue government, out of control, barely even giving lip service to the US Constitution, and yet the American people continue to sit idly by while crying crocodile tears into their porridge.  Politics is a full contact sport with power being the score keeper.  If one doesn’t have the power to enforce ones ideology then the rules of that ideology will not be enforced.


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