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Are you an extremist?

January 25, 2014

Are you an extremist?



1.  Far left.  Anything goes.  No restrictions.  Extra protections may apply. Same sex “marriages” legal.

2.  Conservative.  Don’t ask, don’t tell.  Keep your sexual proclivities private.

3.  Far right.  Homosexual behavior illegal and individuals subject to arrest, incarceration, lashing, death.  (Consider Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many countries in Africa).



1.  Far left.  Anything goes.  No restrictions. National issue in the United States.  State has an interest in the issue and may require abortions under certain circumstances (See China).

2.  Conservative.  States Rights issue.  Just as all other end of life issues are decided by the individual states, so too is this one.

3.  Abortions illegal under any circumstances and individuals subject to arrest, incarceration, and worse. National issue.

Second Amendment (and other Constitutional issues)


1.  Left/liberal/progressive.  No guns owned by private citizens

2.  Conservative.  Constitutional rights cannot be “interpreted away” by judicial fiat.  Citizens have the right and the duty to be responsible gun owners and as such should be available to offer assistance to lawful authority on those occasions when needed.

3.  Far Right.  (Think Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia).  All arms freely available as local war lords fight for power and supremacy.



1.  Liberal/left/progressive  No restrictions.  Open Borders.

2.  Conservative.  Illegal means illegal and legal means legal.  Enforce the laws which are on the books and get serious about protecting this country.

3.  Far Right.  (Consider Saudi Arabia).  No chance for citizenship.  No legal immigration.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  For reasons I really don’t want to get into at the moment, this project remains incomplete.  Should anyone wish to take the ball and run with it feel free to expand and improve on the list.  Let’s call it the Wheel Window and use it as the control window when combating the Overton effect.


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