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Planting the Flag

March 11, 2014

A generally recognized sign of surrender the world over is a lowering of the flag.  A generally recognized sign of defeat is when the command post is overrun and the flag is forcibly torn down.  Our own national anthem pays homage to this idea in the lines penned by Francis Scott Key as he witnessed the battle for Baltimore from a British ship in the harbor.

Conversely, the planting of the flag is an important symbol indicating that the battle has been won.

How than can any American citizen allow for this recent Ninth Circuit ruling to remain officially recognized as valid

On Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2010, three students wore American flag t-shirts to Live Oak High School. Live Oak, according to the Ninth Circuit, had a history of gang and racial violence. The students who wore the American flag t-shirts were threatened with physical violence. Rather than discipline the students who made the threats, the school decided to tell the American flag t-shirt-wearing students that they could either turn their shirts inside-out, or go home. Two of the students went home, and the students collectively sued the school district in federal district court, claiming that the school violated their First Amendment rights.

And what did the Ninth Circuit decide??  In this day and age is there really any doubt??

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit upheld the dismissal of the students’ claim, on the grounds that school officials “anticipated violence or substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities, and their response was tailored to the circumstances.”

As Mr. Kloster goes on to say in the same article quoted above:

While this result might be legally correct, it is still troubling. The admission that school officials in California have no control over their violent students is not something to be proud of.

Let’s review.

1.  Students of Mexican heritage used intimidation and violence to show the supremacy of the Mexican flag and culture over the American flag and culture in the United States of America.

2.  American students wishing to indicate their rejection of this premise by wearing the American flag were not only threatened by these “Hispanic” students, but these same students were supported by the school and the administration.

3.  The courts have also seen fit to support the foreigners over the Americans, as evidenced by the fact that these foreigners supported a foreign flag over the American one.

4.  Conservatives, as usual, limit their reaction to whining and complaining while appealing to an authority which increasingly is showing an unwillingness to hear them much less support them.

Note that the other lesson here to be learned is that it is more important to avoid conflict, at least for patriotic Americans, then it is to stand up and fight for American values or the rights for which previous generations have fought and died.

It is really pathetic and yet nobody is really doing anything.  Thanks for nothing conservative leadership…..

On the other hand…..

Is it any wonder that some of us are confused?


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