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Should Boehner Step Aside?

Just a thought, not that anyone will take it seriously, but it’s a question that used to actually have meaning.  Does the party take precedence over the individual, not to mention the almost rhetorical question asking whether the views of the leadership of the party should reflect the views of the membership?  It has always been a problem for the GOP in that the grass roots membership has always been much more conservative than the “East Coast Establishment” as reflected by Rockefeller Republicans, et al.

Now we have what can almost be characterized as a full fledged revolt and doesn’t that suggest that any principled man should step aside and support the principles of his party?  Since when is winning an election by one or two percentage points enough to lay claim to a meaningful victory?  When almost half of the electorate is voting against you or your stated policies it suggests a real failure of leadership on the part of those who are the incumbents.

Just some thoughts.


Fentanyl Blues: Why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Hit Close to Home

And just a couple of days ago I started an article entitled “What’s With the War On Pain Relief. My position hasn’t changed and I have bit of a problem with this article.


Are you an extremist?

Are you an extremist?



1.  Far left.  Anything goes.  No restrictions.  Extra protections may apply. Same sex “marriages” legal.

2.  Conservative.  Don’t ask, don’t tell.  Keep your sexual proclivities private.

3.  Far right.  Homosexual behavior illegal and individuals subject to arrest, incarceration, lashing, death.  (Consider Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many countries in Africa).



1.  Far left.  Anything goes.  No restrictions. National issue in the United States.  State has an interest in the issue and may require abortions under certain circumstances (See China).

2.  Conservative.  States Rights issue.  Just as all other end of life issues are decided by the individual states, so too is this one.

3.  Abortions illegal under any circumstances and individuals subject to arrest, incarceration, and worse. National issue.

Second Amendment (and other Constitutional issues)


1.  Left/liberal/progressive.  No guns owned by private citizens

2.  Conservative.  Constitutional rights cannot be “interpreted away” by judicial fiat.  Citizens have the right and the duty to be responsible gun owners and as such should be available to offer assistance to lawful authority on those occasions when needed.

3.  Far Right.  (Think Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia).  All arms freely available as local war lords fight for power and supremacy.



1.  Liberal/left/progressive  No restrictions.  Open Borders.

2.  Conservative.  Illegal means illegal and legal means legal.  Enforce the laws which are on the books and get serious about protecting this country.

3.  Far Right.  (Consider Saudi Arabia).  No chance for citizenship.  No legal immigration.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  For reasons I really don’t want to get into at the moment, this project remains incomplete.  Should anyone wish to take the ball and run with it feel free to expand and improve on the list.  Let’s call it the Wheel Window and use it as the control window when combating the Overton effect.

Putin Aims For A Gay-Free Russia

Honestly, I don’t really care.

When is the last time you saw the gay community speak out against persecution against Christians in the Islamic World?  Oh, and this legislation which has received world wide attention?  From what I can tell it simply forbids teaching children about homosexuality, a restriction which pales in comparison to laws in Iran which punish both Christians and homosexuals virtually for existing.

The above doesn’t even take into account the question of whether we even have the right to involve ourselves in the domestic policies of others, not to mention the irony of gays and their friends on the left believing they can destroy the power and prestige of the United States while at the same time believing they can still appeal to one or both when the situation arises.

How truly sad and pathetic that they have so little understanding of how they are destroying themselves and the rest of us along with them.

Who Founded the American Tea Party?

The answer may surprise you.  Take a moment to read the following two articles which were recently recommended to me and see if you don’t agree that the T Party has been around and fighting the good fight for a lot longer than Obama’s two terms of office.

Our Mission Statement

(Oh how the mighty have fallen)


Buckley Rule — According to Bill, not Karl

(One man’s opinion on how to answer the age old question of whether one should vote for a conservative or a Republican.)

We should all keep these two articles in mind as we move into the next election cycle.  It does seem that there is general agreement that this election cycle will see a “civil war” break out between the two major factions within the Republican Party.  The interesting thing about the two factions is that the one is made up of the rank and file while the other consists of the leadership who ostensibly is elected by and supposedly represents the very rank and file they are opposing.

One might suggest that the Republican Party is exhibiting the very same qualities as Obama’s National government.  It would seem that decisions are being made from the top down with little, if any, attention being paid to petty little technical details such as the rule of law or whether there is any disconnect between the leadership and the membership.  The point being that voting for the “lesser of two evils” is simply no longer an option if we wish to retain any semblance of order and greatness.

It has really become quite obvious that the only sub-group of any size and significance within the electorate whose primary purpose is to truly represent the American people is what most people know as “the Tea Party”.  The fact that it faces vehement opposition from the other three groups (the Republican leadership, the Democratic leadership, and the Democratic rank and file) should come as no surprise and this election cycle may well determine whether there is any hope for America in the future.  Our future lies in the hands of those who now consider themselves to be “independent”.

Whether or not the Republican Party’s leadership realizes it, electing a Republican is simply not a priority for most conservatives.  The truth of the matter is that the so-called compromises that so many advocate within the GOP as a way of retaining or regaining a modicum of influence are nothing but ways to ensure that the proverbial frog stays in the frying pan until it is too late to jump out.  Conservatives are ready to move on and the Republican leadership should consider switching parties and become Democrats.

In any event the fact that the label of Republican is not synonymous with being a conservative is why you will need to excuse me while I act less than excited about any Republican gains whether they be at the national or state level.  The good news is that this election cycle may finally separate the wheat from the chaff meaning the unresponsive leadership from the membership.

As the man said, let’s nominate and vote for “the rightwardmost viable candidate”.


There Is No “Republican Party”

When are Republican conservatives going to admit that they have completely lost control of the party?  Time after time I read complaints detailing how this or that politician is failing to live up to his or her campaign promises and yet there seems to be little in terms of any real retribution.  Get with it.  Real conservatives need to “Take their party back”.  It is all about money, votes, and keeping the faith and if conservatives are unwilling to band together at the grass roots level they might as well admit they have lost and go home.

There are no “high powered” conservative leaders worthy of the conservative label.  There are no conservative leaders representing the conservative rank and file.  Once you get above a certain level it is all smoke and mirrors.  This is not to absolve those at the grass roots of any responsibility.  When was the last time we saw the grass roots lay down any kind of real ultimatum?

According to Before It’s the largest “party” in the United States is the “party of independent voters”.  What makes this so hard to take is that so many of these “independent” voters continue to vote for the big business/big government/big labor nexus which got us here in the first place.  Look no further then the controversial T-Party to see how far the powers that be will go to keep down any real representatives of the people.

It’s a given that the top leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties are in bed together and thus any analysis which attempts to explain the loss of a particular office in terms the average Joe would understand is pure bunkum.  Next you have the rank and file Democrats who can be counted on to vote for whatever candidate has the paper bag over his head with the label of Democratic.  As befits any socialistic and totalitarian movement no new ideas are allowed to peculate up from the bottom.  Proclamations are issued from the top and woe to those who dare attempt to stake out another position.  This makes for a very efficient party, if not a very user friendly one.

We have a rogue government, out of control, barely even giving lip service to the US Constitution, and yet the American people continue to sit idly by while crying crocodile tears into their porridge.  Politics is a full contact sport with power being the score keeper.  If one doesn’t have the power to enforce ones ideology then the rules of that ideology will not be enforced.

Quinniipiac University national poll shows less positive numbers for the President

American voters disapprove 54 – 39 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, his lowest approval rating in any Quinnipiac University national poll since he became president, as even women disapprove 51 – 40 percent, according to a national poll released today.

The real news here is that President Obama continues to enjoy an approval rating of 39 percent which makes me continue to wonder whether it is really worth the effort to attempt to have any kind of a dialogue with people that support a person whose “signature accomplishment” has been shown to be such an unmitigated disaster.  Obviously they continue to bury their heads in the sand and simply believe that all that one sees is not as it appears.

The truth is that the fall of the final curtain is not too far away.




Who’s Keeping Us Safe At Night?

WASHINGTON  — Twice this year alone, Air Force officers entrusted with the launch keys to nuclear-tipped missiles have been caught leaving open a blast door that is intended to prevent a terrorist or other intruder from entering their underground command post, Air Force officials have told The Associated Press.

Interestingly, one of the officers was a woman. I wonder what demographic category the other offending officer represented.  When one takes into account the percentages, having at least 50 percent of the offenders being women is quite a high number indeed.

Obama on Syria 2013/09/10

I’m sorry.  I couldn’t watch anymore.  What a waste of perfectly good time.  Only a real Obama fan, and I’m not even including all the left on this one, could stomach the absolute garbage this man was attempting to sell.  Who was this man?  Do he or his writers ever look at his previous speeches and pronouncements?  It’s not only embarrassing for the nation, but almost more so for himself.

Verdict….pathetic…and, btw, let congress vote these possible strikes down right now and be done with it.


Putin said: “This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them  (the Americans) and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he  knows that he is lying. This is sad.”

Read more:


What’s worse is realizing who you believe.

Military Pregnancies, My Question.

An unfortunate consequence of ending gender bias in the military???


A well thought out response to the question of where to find the genesis of a military class whose origins and support comes from the elite class and whose loyalties lie with the government who has always doubled as the paymaster?

Think about it.

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