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The Help That Never Came…Benghazi and Beyond

October 28, 2012

Abandoned to be tortured, sodomized and die by his President, the leader of what is arguably the most powerful country ever to have existed, what must Ambassador Stevens have been thinking when he finally took his last labored breath?  Did he know?  Did he die cursing his Commander in Chief?  Or did he still believe in “Hope and Change” and plead with his captors to mail an envelope containing his final absentee ballot for his President, Obama?  How easily one can imagine the taunts of those taking the final pictures, “Where is your loyal friend, your president, your country, now?”  The answer, unfortunately, seems to have been, watching you die in real time from a comfortable vantage point in Washington, D.C.

America is in trouble, of that there is no doubt, the question is whether the next President will be elected with a mandate to save or destroy it.  At the moment and beyond all reasoning, the answer to that question remains in doubt.  As Samuel Jackson exhorted, in another context, “Wake the F up”!

Really incredible what this man has to say,

he seems to suggest that we can have it all,

and make the other guy pay.

I thus feel it is perhaps my duty to mention,

about the other guy?

He won’t pay,

because he’s in detention.

Which part of the “rest of the story” do you not understand?

There’s no point in having a roof over your head,

If your Commander in Chief ignores your pleas for help,

And leaves you for dead.

The facts are out there and they present a damning story against this president, this administration, this party of which seems to care little about protecting the national interest of these United States.  Incompetent or evil?  Does it really matter?  These people have to go.

Look for even more desperate attempts to retain power as even they know that losing the election will also mean they will be brought to account.  Presidents have been impeached in the past and thus even re-election will not necessarily save the Administration from the consequences of their decisions, but why take the chance?

This is, without a doubt, the biggest story in my life-time, and yet many media outlets continue to participate in the cover-up and many Democratic Officials continue to put party, or personal considerations, over country.  I plan on compiling a list of those stories and outlets, but for now why not listen to what a Democrat has to say:

America, we must save ourselves before it is too late.

Looking for information?  To name just a few….

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